Audit & Contract

Tyche.Finance is committed to ensuring that our platform is secure and dependable. To achieve this goal, we have engaged the services of a reputable and trustworthy audit provider to carefully review the smart contract code for v.2. This new version will enable users to swap multiple tokens in a single transaction.
The audit process is extensive and involves a thorough examination of the code to identify any potential security vulnerabilities or weaknesses that could be exploited. The audit is conducted by a team of experienced auditors who deeply understand smart contract security best practices and industry standards.
We are pleased to announce that our smart contract has successfully passed the audit process and has been deemed secure and reliable by our audit service provider. This means that our users can have confidence in the integrity of our platform. You can view the audit report by clicking on the provided link: 1. Swap contract audit: 2. Public sale and token contracts audit:
Last modified 6mo ago