Public sale

The public sale will start at 3 PM UTC, on the 9th of May on our platform.
The sale contract is fully audited, check the report here. We do this to kick-start the project’s treasury and allow for future decentralization. $TCH will power all the interactions on the platform going forward.
How $TCH will accrue value: — 20% of project commissions will be distributed back to the $TCH stakers — there will be no commissions for token stakers — token holders will be able to participate in protocol governance.

Public sale details:

The public sale will start at 3 PM UTC, on the 9th of May and will use the overflow method.
Soft cap: 100 ETH. If the raised amount is smaller than 200 ETH, you will be able to claim your ETH back.
Hard cap: 1,000 ETH. If the raised amount is higher than 1,000 ETH, you will receive TCH tokens proportionally to your contribution.
$TCH tokens = (contribution / total contribution) * 10,000,000
Tokens for sale: 10,000,000 Token price: 0.0001 ETH Vesting: 20% on TGE, and then monthly vesting for 6 months.
TGE: one hour after the sale ends.
FDV: 2,000 ETH — 10,000 ETH, based on the amount we raise.
Tokens sold in the public round will be 10% of the total tokens.

Public sale incentives:

There will be additional incentives to participate in the sale early. Based on the order of your purchase, you will receive additional tokens. For example, the first 10 purchases will receive 12% more tokens, 11–50 purchases will receive 10% more tokens, etc.
Bonus tokens will be available for claim 7 days after the TGE.
Bonus tokens based on the purchase order:
1-10: 12% bonus tokens
11-50: 10% bonus tokens
51-100: 8% bonus tokens
101-200: 6% bonus tokens
201-500: 4% bonus tokens
501-1000: 2% bonus tokens
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