Product and use cases

What is Tyche.Finance?

The first decentralized platform that allows users to automatically follow the smart money and DCA into the same portfolio. First version allows to DCA into a list of tokens with a single click.

How it works


In the first version, we are building a dex on top of the Uniswap protocol to provide more security and liquidity. We give you a better interface for building a portfolio, where you can buy multiple coins in a desired proportion with a single transaction.
We are auditing our smart contract; the first version has been released.
The first version of the protocol is running with 0% (!) commission for users.
In the second version, you will be able to share your portfolio or follow a portfolio of your favorite influencers and “smart money.” If you follow a portfolio, you will receive notifications on the changes and track their strategy. It’s like copy-trading but decentralized.

Use cases, key features

— Sharing a portfolio

You can share your portfolio with your friends, followers, or grandmother. For doing so, you will receive rewards (part of protocols commissions and part of the rewards pool) each time someone buys tokens from your portfolio.
It is a great way to prove your skills to your community and show them that you put your money where your mouth is.

— Following a portfolio

You can see all the smart money and influencers on the platform and their portfolio performance. You can choose a portfolio and buy tokens in the same proportion with a single click. Or you follow a portfolio, and the system will automatically dollar cost average into the tokens and change the percentage when the portfolio host sells or buys.

— Swapping

The cornerstone of building a portfolio is convenient swapping. With Tyche. Finance, you can buy allocation with multiple tokens at once in a desired proportion. You can automatically DCA in selected tokens.
We will introduce cross-chain stable pools in the future so that you can buy multiple tokens on different chains with a single click.
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