DAO Governance

The governance of Tyche.Finance is based on a set of predefined rules, which are clearly outlined in the DAO's constitution. As the community and platform evolve, the constitution will be updated to meet the changing needs of all stakeholders. Any proposed changes to the constitution or the direction of Tyche.Finance must be submitted to the DAO via a proposal. To ensure clarity and transparency, we have provided a detailed outline of the proposal submission process below.
To submit a proposal to Tyche.Finance, you will need to create a Snapshot account and carefully follow the proposal creation instructions. After submission, the proposal will be reviewed by the members of the Tyche.Finance DAO and open for discussion for 7 days. During this period, community members and core contributors will provide feedback to improve the proposal.
The proposal must reach a minimum quorum of 1% of the circulating supply to be eligible for the voting process, which lasts for 72 hours and is open to all members of the Tyche.Finance DAO. The proposal will need to be approved by a majority of the DAO's members to be accepted. Once approved, the DAO's constitution will be updated to reflect the changes made in the proposal. Tyche.Finance link to Snapshot will be provided at a later stages.